Elemental Taekwondo

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Here is a sampling of traditional Taekwondo curriculum covered in our curriculum.

Poomsae One - Taeguk Il Jang

This is the first form in the Taeguk series. All white belts must show a mastery of this form before reaching the rank of yellow belt.

Basic Taekwondo Terminology

Here are some common terms heard in class.

Basic Commands

Churyeut - Attention

Gyeongei - Respect

Junbi - Ready

Baro - Return

Seijak - Begin

Geoman - Stop


Chagi - Kick

Chigi - Strike

Makgi - Block

Seogi - Stance

Gyeokpa - Board Break


Hana - One

Deol - Two

Set - Three

Net - Four

Daseot - Five

Yaseot - Six

Ilgeop - Seven

Yeodul - Eight

Ahop - Nine

Yeol - Ten