Elemental Taekwondo

Frequently Asked Questions

Class Information

What classes do you offer?
Our curriculum is based around World Taekwondo style Taekwondo as organized by the Kukkiwon Organization, the largest Taekwondo organization in the world and the Olympic seat for Taekwondo.

Aside from Taekwondo, we teach the basics of Hapkido, boxing, grappling, and practical self-defense for real-life threats.

Who do you offer classes to?
We currently offer standard classes to all ages 7 and above, with specialty classes for young children between ages 4-7. Have a young child? Bring them in! Retired and trying to stay active? We can't wait to meet you. Have any type of physical or mental impairment? We would be honored to train alongside you.

What do I wear during class?
A traditional Taekwondo uniform (called a “dobok”) is the standard clothing for practice in class. If a student forgets their uniform or belt, they are welcome to still attend class as long as they are wearing loose fitting clothing that is modest and won’t restrict their ability to train.

Do I need experience?
Absolutely not. Our classes are designed to train the brand new as well as the seasoned martial artists.

Am I/is my child too young?
As a general rule, our youngest students in the standard class are 7 years old. This is to ensure that classes can be run without any students getting lost the more intricate concepts of training.

If you have a child who is between 4-7 and is capable of following simple commands, then talk to us about our Little Dragons program!

Am I too old?
No way! Some of the best martial artists are well into their 70’s and 80’s—and still going strong! Taekwondo is an excellent way to stay healthy and fit when fighting the effects of aging. The bodyweight exercises experienced in class will help keep bones, ligaments and muscles strong and limber, keeping you kicking for decades to come!

I have certain health conditions… will this be too taxing on my body?
Our classes are designed to be as light or as rigorous as you can handle. Each student can push themselves to whatever effort they are comfortable giving with the assurance that our instructors will keep them safe and on the path to improved health and wellness.

I’m not very coordinated… will I be able to do anything?
Of course. Through your Taekwondo training, you will find that your coordination, flexibility, and strength will positively (and often times rapidly) increase!

I’m not good at physical things… would I enjoy Taekwondo?
There is no starting bar for physical aptitude. We want you just as you are. The only requirement is to keep trying and improving. Our goal—our passion—is to help you to become an improved version of your already wonderful self. If you can understand basic commands and have a desire to learn and grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually, then this is the place for you.

Do you teach weapons?
Our advanced rank students have the opportunity to learn escrima, nunchaku, and bo staff. Black belts are given the opportunity to learn more weapons, such as sword, tonfa, kama, and three-sectional staff. They also have the opportunity to learn practical defenses against knife and gun attacks. Due to the higher risk of injury, weapon defense and application is reserved until red belt.

How do you keep me/my child safe in class?
As with any physical sport, Taekwondo has the risk of leaving bruises and bumps. That being said, our instructors have over 15 years of teaching experience working with students of all ages to keep them safe from harm. Any time physical contact is made in class it is in a controlled environment with necessary padding to ensure the safety of all students.

Will training in Taekwondo increase aggression?
On the contrary. Numerous studies have been done on aggressive tendencies in both children and adults in martial arts, and the vast majority concluded that traditional martial arts such as Taekwondo actually reduced negative traits such as aggression, shyness, and bullying tendencies. Results also concluded that the same practitioners found themselves with higher confidence, drive, and positive outlook.

Can I try out a class to see if I like it?
Absolutely. We would love the opportunity to train with you and give you a genuine Taekwondo training experience.